For a long time, the capabilities of men were bound to the place where people were located. Not until the invention of the wheel were people able to share the fruits of their labour over longer distances. The role of the wheel has become all the more important in the contemporary global world. As one of the world's major manufacturers of railway wheels and wheelsets, BONATRANS GROUP as. sets people and goods in motion. Our wheels are used in over 65 countries on five continents. We are always ready to present solutions that will meet your needs and requirements.

New Corporate Identity

GHH – BONATRANS GROUP introduced the new logo

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New machining shop

18. 6. 2014 BONATRANS GROUP opened the new machining shop.

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The product portfolio

In the area of passenger railway transport, the concept of train units with drive distributed along the entire train has prevailed during recent decades over the former train concept of locomotive and connected wagons. Therefore a typical Bonatrans delivery for a passenger transport project includes power driving and non-driving wheelsets and parts.

Driving wheelsets - Standard wheelsets - Wheels, axles

Wheelsets and their parts for locomotives require high strength and fatigue resistance, since these wheelsets transmit large forces from the locomotive driving unit at high speeds, and are also exposed to high axle loading. Bonatrans designs and manufactures wheelsets meeting these requirements while keeping optimized weight and high production accuracy. Bonatrans supplies these wheelsets to the majority of the world’s leading manufacturers of locomotives on several continents.

Wheelsets - Wheels, axles

Railway freight transport is given great attention in Europe due to its lower environmental impact compared with road transport, and its significance should grow in the future.

Wheelsets for freight transport represent a significant segment of products developed and supplied by Bonatrans which is the biggest manufacturer of freight wheelsets in Europe.

Bonatrans has developed and supplies a number of wheelsets optimized for the demanding needs of existing and future railway transport, i.e. wheelsets for high axle loading, with increased safety – resistance to deformation and reduced stress and longer service life, i.e. with low life cycle costs.

Bonatrans wheelsets and wheels are certified by a number of European railways and are gradually replacing obsolete wheelset types.

Besides new wheelsets, Bonatrans also supplies a complete range of parts for repairs and servicing wheelsets.

Bonatrans stress optimized wheels and wheelsetsOther products for freight applications

Railway transport is known to have lower environmental impact compared with road transport. Nevertheless, there are also effects on the environment that have to be solved. This includes especially the issue of noise, which is paid great attention.

One of four primary rolling stock noise sources is the noise that is generated during rolling of wheel on the rail. And this is exactly the noise source the Bonatrans research department focuses on. These activities lead to implementation of several wheel noise and vibration (generated by the wheel rolling) absorbing systems.

Noise absorbing ringsComposite absorbers


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Corporate video

19. June 2016

MČR ve stolním tenise vozíčkářů

Ve dnech 26. - 29. 5.2016 proběhl za pomoci BONATRANS již XXII. ročník MČR ve stolním tenise vozíčkářů jednotlivců a dvoučlenných družstev.

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16. June 2016

AfricaRail 2016

We are please to invite you to GHH-BONATRANS booth (P10) at AfricaRail 2016. The exhibition and conference will be held in Johannesburg from 28. to 29 of June 2016.

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23. May 2016

Memoriál Michala Sdukose

V sobotu 14. 5.2016 proběhl ve vzpírárně oddílu BONATRANS Bohumín již šestý ročník Memoriálu Michala Sdukose v benchpressu.

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16. May 2016

Jeden svět v Ostravě

V dubnu 2016 proběhl za podpory BONATRANS již 17. ročník známého festivalu Jeden svět, který je jedním ze základních kamenů společnosti Člověk v tísni, a který získal čestné uznání UNESCO za výchovu k lidským právům.

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02. May 2016

BONATRANS pomáhá čistit Beskydy

V sobotu 24. 4. 2016 proběhla v Beskydech za podpory BONATRANS GROUP a.s. nejrozsáhlejší úklidová akce s názvem „Poděkuj horám“. Již podruhé ji uspořádal spolek Čisté Beskydy.

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14. April 2016

BONATRANS podpořil mladé strojaře

Ve dnech 31. 3. – 1. 4. 2016 proběhl již pátý ročník soutěže s názvem Mezinárodní den strojařů.

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